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07 plate Mercedes Atego 1218 12t GVW, Euro4, 2 seats, 1owner from new, 180bhp, 4x2, 6 gears,tyres over 70%,  238000km, MOT October 2017,  electric windows electric mirriors,  20ft  RVL body, Hubbard unit, twin evaporators, road and 3phase standby, triple doors, non-slip floor, 1/3 tail/lift.
USED 2007 Mercedes..
08 plate Isuzu NQR Model NQR 70.190, 7.5t GVW,  5.2L diesel engine, Euro4, 3 seats, 250000km, MOT January 2017, Zanotti direct drive unit, road only, barn doors, nearside side door, non-slip floor.
USED 2008 Isuzu 7..
2011 Mercedes Axor 2533 , 337,000km, one owner from new, 29ft body, Carrier Supra 950 diesel unit,  3phase standby, 1500kg underslung tail lift. Choice of 2
USED 2011 DAF 26t ..
60 plate, DAF LF 45.220, 12t GVW, Euro5, 4x2, on-air, 3 seats, 220bhp, 6 gears, 1 owner from new, 266,000km, MOT August 2017, 21ft Gray and Adams body, moveable bulkhead, roller door, nearside side door, walk in step, Thermoking TS600e diesel unit, 3phase standby, freeze to -25C, tie rails, in-cab controls.
USED 2011 DAF 12t ..
60 plate DAF FT LF55.220, sleeper, Euro5, 2 seats, 491000km,   Solomon body, moveable bulkhead, Carrier Supra 850 MT diesel unit, 3phase standby, twin evaporators, reversing camera, shutter door, nearside side door, non-slip floor, column tail lift.
USED 2010 DAF 18t ..
Nearly New chassis of your choice with refurbished retrofitted Meat Rail body with NEW or refurbished refrigeration unit.  AVAILABLE in less than 6 weeks. Various options available; Single or Three Phase standby. 2 or 3 meat rails. Hooks additional. RING US NOW FOR YOUR EXACT NEEDS AND THE BEST PRICE
NEW Nearly New ME..
09 plate, DAF CF75.310, 26t GVW,  Euro5, sleeper, 6x2, Twin wheel rear lift, 8 gear, 5.9m wheel base, 495,000km, MOT May 2017, 28ft 6in Solomon body, 6ft 9in rear aperture, 8ft 1in internal height, dual compartment, movable bulkhead, Carrier 950MT diesel unit, 3phase standby, 8317 engine hrs, twin evaporators nearside side door,  shutter door,1.5t column tail lift.
USED 2009 MAN 26t ..
64 plate, Citroen Relay, 3.5t GVW, chiller, 10ft 6in Coolfreeze body, barn doors, GAH R300 unit. Choice of 2 available. Low milegae 39000 nad 45000 miles. Very good condition
USED 2014 Citroen ..
04 plate Mercedes Atego 815, 7.5t GVW, wind breaker, Klege Europe body, triple rear doors, dual compartment, split 50/50 with internal door through chiller section to freezer section in front half. Gover mains only fridge unit, with Eutectic beams. NO WORKING PARTS ON FRIDGE WHEN ON ROAD - UNIT WORKS USING HOLDOVER EUTECTIC BEAMS frozen and chilled. non-slip floor, shelving, cupboards at rear for seperate fresh fish or other products that need to be seperate from main load.
USED 2004 Mercedes..
07 plate, Mitsubushi Canter Fuso 7c18, 7.5t GVW, Euro4, 180bhp, 6 gears, 3 seats, 570,000km, MOT April 2017, 1 owner from new,  tyres over 60%, air con, 14ft body, Thermo King unit, road and 3phase standby, barn door, nearside double side doors, chequer-plate floor, Cantilever tail lift.  Our price includes repatriation and registration on UK mainland.
USED 2007 Mitsubus..
61 plate Mercedes 816 Atego, 7.5t GVW,  Euro5, 160bhp, 6gear, 2 seats, 135,000km, MOT October 2017, 1 owner from new,  tyres over 70%, electric windows/mirriors, 16ft body, barn doors, GAH Excalibur unit, road and 3phase standy, non-slip floor.
USED 2012 Mercedes..
08 plate, DAF 45.160, 7.5t GVW, 2 seats, Euro4, 160bhp, 5 gears, 2 owners from new, 256,537Km, MOT August 2017, 16ft Solomon body triple doors, walk in step, Carrier 850 diesel unit, 3phase standby, freeze to -25C, tie rails, in-cab controls, non-slip floor.
USED 2008 DAF 7.5t..
07 plate, MAN TGL7.150, 7.5T GVW, 334000km, MOT October 2016, Euro 4, 14ft external length Trumac body,  internal dimensions 4.1 L, 2.15 high, 2.27 wide, 4 meat rails, meat hoist, barn doors, GAH Excalibur direct drive unit, rear step.
USED 2007 MAN 7.5t..
57 plate, MAN TGL.150, 7.5t GVW, 3 seats, 4x2, Euro 4, LEZ, 150bhp, 6 gear, auto, 1 owner from new, 505,000km, MOT October 2015, 15ft Solomon body, Carrier Xarios 500 unit, 3phase standby, in cab controls, triple doors, steps.
USED 2007 MAN 7.5t..
58 plate DAF LF55 220, 18t GVW, 4x2, euro5, 2 seats, 220bhp, 6 speed auto gear box, 225,000km, MOT August 2017, 1 owner from new, tyres over 60%, 25ft body with movable bulkhead, shutter door, double side doors, fold down step, Carrier 950 MT diesel unit, 3phase standby, in cab controls and temp printer, reversing camera, non-slip floor, 1.5t tail lift.
USED 2009 DAF 18t ..
63 plate, Mercedes Atego 816, 7.5t GVW, 56000 kms, 1.9t payload, 4.25 litre turbo diesel, LEZ, FSH, MOT 31/12/2017, Digital tachograph, 14ft  Solomon body, 7 pallet capacity, ATP, Thermo King T-500R diesel unit, 3phase standby, heat, chill or freeze to -25C, 2 load-lock rail, barn rear doors, nearside side door 740mm, removable bulkhead, non-slip floor, Ratcliffe 1t tail lift with folding ramps.
USED 2013 Mercedes..
06 plate, Mercedes Atego 816, 7.5t GVW, LEZ, MOT 31/05/2017,  14ft 7in Trumac body, 4.070m L, 2.280m W, 2.130m H, Height under evaporator 1,580m, Hubbard 720 unit, 3phase standby, Chill or freeze to -18C, Transcan temperature recorder, triple doors, non-slip floor.
USED 2006 Mercedes..
51 Plate, Iveco 75E18, 7.5t GVW, 180bhp diesel, ONLY 96,000 kms, used for local deliveries. MOT 30/06/2017, this vehicle has had LEZ upgrade. Excellent Condition throughout. 8-pallet capacity, FULLY refurbished bodywork with a recent new side walls fitted, remarketed for Retail sale. INTERNAL Dimensions; Length x Width x Height (to shutter), 5.23m x 2.23m x 1.96m
17ft 2in x 7ft 3in x 6ft 5in. Hubbard 490 with single-phase electric standby fully serviced by Hubbard all its life, Chill to -3C, Ratcliff 1t tail lift with hinged ramps fully serviced and tested, 3 load-lock rails, Roller shutter rear door, This vehicle is LEZ compliant.
USED 2001 LEZ Comp..
14 plate Mercedes Sprinter 316 CDi, 3.5t GVW, SWB, ATP, 3 seats, 2.2L, turbo diesel, MOT 18/07/2017, Solomon body, 4 pallet capacity, Hubbard 520 unit, Heat to +25C or chill or freeze to -25C, single phase standby, triple doors, Transcan temperature recorder, non-slip floor, Slim Jim 500kg tail-lift
USED 2014 Mercedes..
61 plate, Mercedes Sprinter 316 CDi, 3.5t GVW, LWB, sleeper, 2 seats, 2.2L turbo diesel, 275,000 miles, MOT 31/12/2017, Solomon body, space for 4 GKN pallets or 6 Euro pallets, Hubbard 520 AEL unit, single phase standby, chill or freeze to -25C or heat to +20C, Transcan in-cab temperature recorder, ATP Class FRC cert, barn doors, non-slip floor,  single bunk, fridge, microwave, electric sockets, auxillary battery for additional equipment,
USED 2011 Mercedes..
53 plate, Mercedes Sprinter 311 CDi, 2.2 litre turbo diesel, 3 seats, MOT 21/03/2017, 145,000 miles, 10ft Solomon body, Hubbard 480 unit, chill or freeze to -20C or heat to +20C, single phase standby, triple doors, folding rear step, Transcan temperature recorder, non-slip floor.
USED 2003 Mercedes..
60 plate Mercedes Axor 1824L, 18t GVW,  Euro5, sleeper, one owner from new, 449,000km, MOT August 2017, FSH, deflector, on-air, power shift gearbox, 26ft Solomon body,  non-slip floor, load lock, Carrier 850 Supra diesel unit, 3phase standby, 6200 hrs,  barn doors, 1500kg under-slung tail lift.
USED 2010 Mercedes..
61 plate DAF LF45 160, 7.5t GVW, Euro5, 2 seats, manual, 4×2, in-cab controls,  277,000km, 14ft body, 3 x T bar meat rails, 500kg Reg Holmes meat hoist, Carrier Xarios 500 direct drive unit off vehicle engine, 3 phase electric plug in standby, barn doors, non-slip floor.
Hooks available at extra costs.
USED 2011 DAF 7.5t..
12 plate, Isuzu N75 190, 7.5t GVW, auto, 4x2,  16ft body, internal measurements 4.72m long, 2.15m height,  2.14m wide  Carrier 550 diesel unit, 3phase standby, in-cab controls with printer, triple door,  nearside side door with curtains, non-slip floor.
USED 2012 Isuzu 7...
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Nearly New MEAT RAIL 3.5 ton
2003 13.6m Gray & Adams Semi-t..
2000 13.6m Schmitz Semi-traile..
2007 Mercedes 12t Chill/Freeze..
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If you are looking to buy or sell new or used refrigerated trailers, trucks, fridge vans, coldstores, containers or refrigerated parts NO SALE - NO FEE! Its True! Second hand fridge trailers, fridge trucks, chiller vans, freezer vans, coldstores and equipment can be displayed on our site for no advertisement charge. We will actively market your item to potential buyers, users of refrigerated vehicles and equipment and industry contacts who have requested to receive the enquiries. Coolmarket specialises in providing high quality Single or Multi-temperature vehicles, tailored to the Food and Pharmaceutical industries. Coolmarket has extensive experience in vehicles for the catering and distribution industries. We understand the importance of getting it right first time.

Let take the hassle out of Buying or selling your used refrigerated vehicles, equipment & parts.... Well sell it for you! Tell us your lowest acceptable price and well add our fee to the selling price.. We will negotiate no lower unless agreed first. You have Nothing to lose! No Sale: NO fee! FREE advice; experienced staff on hand to advise on Used values of your vehicles & equipment. You call the shots you can of course deal with all the enquiries yourself by selecting to advertise using our Direct Sale option .This gives you a classified advert thats cheaper than other trade magazines and is marketed solely to people who require REFRIGERATED vehicles!! You will still benefit from the huge number of visitors to our site and our other mediums for promoting Coolmarkets Used Refrigerated Vehicles,Equipment& Parts, such as newsletters and email marketing its all part of our unique and reliable service! Cant find what you need on Coolmarket? Let us know what you need and well track it down for you! We know you wont always find the exact fridge van, fridge truck, fridge trailer, container or piece of equipment youre looking for - but we can help you find it! complete the form online and well track it down for you! Trade members can receive FREE enquiries; every enquiry we get for something thats not already displayed on our site, we ask our network of contacts in the Transport & Refrigeration industries - join the list! FREE listing in the Trade Directory. Free to use - find the products or service you need in the Transport and Refrigeration industries. Remember, we only promote the site to users of refrigerated vehicles, equipment & parts so our figures are based on a captive audience; people who want to buy what you have to sell! Since the official launch in March 2007; Coolmarket has seen a staggering number of hits for a new site. After only 6 months we had over 50000 hits in one month. In February 2008 we had over 90000. Take advantage of our huge number of unique visitors and send us your Used or Unwanted Refrigerated vehicles, equipment or parts to sell! We also actively search for the right vehicle or equipment specifically for you. We are continually promoting our site to specific users. We qualify all interested potential buyers for you.

When youre browsing through our vehicles on Coolmarket, look for this Green Tick. It means that the vehicle you are looking at is LEZ compliant. Running your own catering business will present you with certain problems from time to time but what would happen if your cold room stopped functioning one day and you had a large event to cater for? You`d be left with the prospect of food going off, unless you could find another way to keep it cool. How would a used towing fridge trailers , refrigerated truck or chiller van sound in this circumstance that was large enough to swallow up all of your perishables? And what about a chiller or freezer container or ex-truck body for your storage? A refrigerated trailer is the perfect solution for temporary food storage problems. Place your perishables inside the refrigerated trailer, fridge truck or fridge van and they`ll keep their cool until they are called into action. A used refrigerated vehicle is ideal for catering events and used containers or coldstores can make a great accompaniment to garden parties. That king sized barbecue that you are planning this year could certainly utilise a used towing fridge trailers or a used containers .Imagine how many beers and chilled bottles of wine you`d be able to get inside, not to mention burgers and sausages? buy a used refrigerated trailer and it could provide you with a great service over the years to come. Farmer`s markers are the ideal stomping grounds for a used towing trailer but this transportable chiller or freezer - can be of great use at any kind of catering event. Are you looking forward to the next farmers market in town but are worried that your produce won`t keep for long on the day? If you are looking for a solution to the general warming problem then used towing fridge trailers can provide the perfect answer. You can tow used towing fridge trailers behind large family cars and once they`re on site they can be powered by a generator, or if you have the option, a 240 volt supply. After only sixty minutes the used towing fridge trailers are cool enough to keep plenty of perishables in ideal surroundings. At markets, used towing fridge trailers, chiller vans or chiller trucks can keep plenty of butchers happy as they`ll happily keep meats at chilled temperatures. When caterers need means of keeping all types of food cool they can use used towing fridge trailers in a successful manner. Customers can buy used towing fridge trailers, refrigerated semi-trailers, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated vans, coldstores and fridge units from Coolmarket. With sizes ranging fro m 2.5 to 6 meters in length the used towing fridge trailers really can cater for all requirements. Instead of worrying about produce when you attend the next market you can happily sell all your wares to interested parties. The meat will be kept at a prime temperature and your drinks will taste deliciously cold. Weddings can benefit by having used towing fridge trailers for the marquees, as produce can be kept in the right setting until the celebratory luncheon is served. If you are looking forward to the next farmers market but are worried about keeping your produce cool, tow one of the used towing fridge trailers behind your 4x4 and you`ll have a chilled environment to keep all your perishables safe.

Coolmarket can supply any make and model of refrigerated vehicles; Freezer Trucks, Chiller Trucks, Meat rail trucks with refrigerated boxes and insulated curtain-siders from DAF LF FA 45 55 65 75 CF, ERF E6 ECS6 EC8 ECS8, Scania P93 P113 P94 P114 P124 P230 R420 R380,Iveco cargo Eurocargo Super cargo stralis, Foden alpha, Isuzu NKR NPR NQR,MAN, M.A.N. L2000 TGL M90 M2000 F2000 F90, Mercedes-Benz, Merc, MB 306D 709D 811 814 817 1114 1117 1314 1317 1820 1827 1834 2534 Atego 815 817 818 917 918 1017 1018 1217 1218 1223 1317 1318 1323 1523 1823, Mitsubishi Canter 35 Canter 75, Renalut Midliner Midlum Manager Premium Maxter Kerax, Seddon Atkinson Strato, Volvo FLC FL608 FL611 FL612 FL614 FL6 FL10 FL7 FM7 FM9 FM12 with freezer bodies, Coolmarket also supply fridge trailers; frozen, chilled, deep frozen or ambient;single axle, tandem axles, tri-axle; Chereau, Lamberet, G&A, Gray & Adams, Schmitz, Klege Europ, Solomon. There are a huge range of used refrigerated vans on Coolmarket; Chiller vans, freezer vans, multi-temperature vans, sandwich vans, meat vans available in any make and model Citreon C15 C2 berlingo 600 and 800 dispatch 815 900 1000 1200 relay 1000 1100 1500 1800, Diahatsu Hijet, Fiat Fiorino Punto Doblo cargo Scudo Ducato Ducato Maxi, Ford Courier Escort Connect T220 T230 Transit 80 Transit 2000 Transit 100 Transit 120 Transit 190 Transit 230 Transit 260 Transit 280 Transit 300 Transit 330 Transit 350, Iveco Daily, LDV Pilot Convoy Maxus, Mercedes MB Merc Sprinter 208, Sprinter 308 sprinter 311 sprinter 313 sprinter 412 varios 612 vario 814, Mitsubishi L200, Nissan Kubistar Vanette Primastar Interstar, Peugeot partner Expert Boxer Extra, Renault Kangoo Trafic SL27 SL29 Master, Suzuki Carry, Toyota Hi-lux Hi-ace, Vauxhall Corsavan Combo Astravan Brava Vivaro Movano, VW, Volkswagen Caddy Transporter Crafter. All fitted with any manufacturer of fridge unit; Thermoking, TK, Carrier, Safkar, Diavia, Eberspacher, Eurocool, Hubbard, Zanotti, GAH; with and without standby; single phase or three phase, diesel units. We can put you in touch with your local service dealer of whatever make of fridge you buy.

Weather you are looking for a second hand sandwich van, a used frozen food delivery van or a multi temperature split compartment van for chilled, frozen, deep frozen or ambient temperatures, you will find it faster on coolmarket! or maybe you need a refrigerated towing trailer for your events business, a market trading vehicle or a coldstore for extra storage. Even if you can see the delivery van or freezer container you are looking for, we can source one for you! we have vehicles all over the UK and Europe; including trailers, trucks, vans, towing trailers and coldstores in Spain, France, Germany, Holland, Malta, Cyprus and beyond! We have access to used refrigerated parts and equipment as far as the USA!

Our other products and services:


JustFridgeVans offer two types of high quality refrigerated conversions. Whether you require single or multi-drop, single or multi compartments, heating or cooling, you can be sure JustFridgeVans can build the coolest solution for you! Here you will find everything you need for a Refrigerated Vehicle or coldstore. Refrigerated Van Conversions
Frostline Refrigerated Van Conversions are our seamfree laminated conversions - tailor-made to ANY van. Limitless options to build your ideal van!

As you may already know, we produce top quality high standard Frostline Refrigerated Conversions Nationwide, and are constantly striving to improve our service. As well as our well established outlets across the UK, which means better service and a faster turnaround than ever before! We offer an unrivalled number of options & manufacturing techniques. As well as outstanding tailor made refrigerated conversions for vans, we also offer hygienic seamfree linings, rigid box bodies, repairs & refurbishments to vehicle bodywork and Coldstores; portable or static, and much more. Our Specialist Conversions are proven to; operate at the Lowest Temperatures, Provide the most reliable after sales service, offer a very competitive price, Built exactly to your required specifications, Built to the Highest standards, Long lasting & reliable, Delivered on time, Meet our customers requirements. We can fit any make or model of Refrigeration unit and can recommend alternative systems to meet exact demands and needs of our customers.

Revolutionary insulated kit of pre-formed panels. Installation time is approx 1/4 of the time of a laminated conversion. Available for the most popular commercial vehicles. At Just Fridge Vans, we Just supply Fridge Vehicles or equipment! We have over 40 years experience in the transport and refrigeration Industry , which means we have tried, tested or evaluated almost every product from around the world; we have the expertise and experience to select, specify and supply only the best solution for your individual needs. Our range of products offer unrivalled choice at the right price. JustFridgeVans offers fully removable and re-useable bonded insulated kits. IgluVan kits are available for some of the most popular vehicles used for refrigeration.
This newly developed IgluVan system is for those customers looking for ATP Class C installations for chilled, frozen or deep frozen applications. The IgluVan kits are pre-formed to the exact shape of the van, (no gaps or straight panels) and offer the ability to be re-installed to one or two other vans of the same design in the future. The pre-moulded panels are made from fibreglass reinforced gel-coat; making them strong enough to withstand the toughest loads. The preformed panels are installed in a matter of hours. The panels are then bonded and sealed to form a watertight compartment. Then the fridge can be installed. So, youve got a refrigerated van in less time than it takes for fibreglass to dry!! IgluVanKits are available for: Fiat: Doblo Cargo/Ducato MWB H2/ Ducvato LWB H2, Renault: Kangoo / Trafic SWB / Master MWB H2 / Master LWB H2, Nissan: Kubistar / Primastar SWB / Intastar MWB H2 / Intastar LWB H2, Vauxhall: Vivaro / Movano MWB H2 / Movano LWB H2 JustFridgeVans also offer collection and delivery of most vans, making JustFridgeVans your number One Refrigerated Vehicle and Coldstore supplier!

Supa-Seal Hygienic Washable linings rewrites the rulebook for: Hazardous waste, Sanitary hygiene, Pest control, Coroner/Private Ambulance, Dog or animal Vehicles, Chemical/Pharmaceutical Vehicles. Our seam free laminated interiors are easy-clean using chemicals or pressure washers staying totally impervious to moisture. Single or multi-compartment conversions can be tailored to suit your requirements with limitless options; air conditioning, shelving, racking, air vents, hazardous/chemical warning plates, specially designed netting to secure your load, additional drain holes to make cleaning even easier, reversing aids, sign-writing and many other features available. Production & Service facilities throughout the UK, which means a better Turnaround than ever before. Our collection and delivery service makes us your No 1 Specialist Van Converters. DESIGN FREEDOMOur seam free laminated interiors are designed to YOUR exact requirements. Our technical sales team have over 50 years of expertise in building high specification, environmentally tough vehicles and can advise on the best materials available for individual specifications, no matter what your needs may be. STRENGTH & DURABILITY -The high weight to strength ratio and unrivalled flexural strength of our design, means our glass reinforced resin finish is pound for pound stronger than steel and built to last. Its final coating of special wax impregnated resin offers the easiest to clean finish, which is totally impervious to liquids, including most acids, and is resistant to bacteria and mould. CORROSION & ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION -The finish is designed and manufactured to be highly resistant to environmental extremes, and has a much longer life expectancy when compared to a variety of construction materials; metal, wood or plastics . Its the preferred choice in vehicles and areas where exposure to harsh situations like extreme temperatures, salt air, chemicals including most acids or when in damp or very wet conditions. SupaSeal Hygienic Washable van and vehicle linings are ideal for the safe transportation of food products, clinical waste, toxic waste, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, hazardous waste, medical waste, animal carriage, sanitary disposal, pest control and much more. SupaSeal linings will help your company to ensure health and hygiene situations are handled and managed safely to protect the operators and the environment.

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